To significantly increase the life of your shoes, it’s a good idea to nurture them regularly. Especially before and after one season (when the shoes will probably remain idle longer period), this is important. There is a wide range of shoe care for all imaginable applications. How do you know what that suits your shoes? And how do you use the products in the best way? Take a look below for great tips.


Everyone has keys and a keyring is very functional to keep your keys together in your pocket or bag.
But a key hanger is also the perfect way to give a personal touch to your bunch of keys.

MISTER MINIT has a large range of trendy keyrings. Animal lovers, car lovers, sport lovers, comedians, people in love,… will find what they’re looking for in our range. On top of that you can personalize your key hanger by engraving the attached tag with your name or text.

Small leather goods

Shoes, bags, leather, leather goods,… Wallets and purses are a logical extension of our core business.

MISTER MINIT wants to offer quality products that are functional and timeless. We offer classic models to store your cards, small change and notes.

This is a little easier for men collections, because women wallets and purses are more fashion related. But we try to follow the trends in materials, sizes and colors to offer something special.

Come and have a look at our collection of small leather goods, because the place where you keep your most valuable products deserves some extra attention…